Hi! I’m Sara Allain. I’m an archivist and a librarian. I love messing about with digital things, building repositories, managing projects, and making things accessible to the world. I like open source, open access, open data, and open education.

I’m currently the Systems Archivist at Artefactual Systems, Inc., a small company that makes free and open source software for archives and digital preservation. I do requirements analysis, QA, documentation, and community support for AtoM and Archivematica.

This blog is a way for me to be open and honest about what I’m learning and how. It will mostly focus on digital archivy and related topics: digital preservation, metadata, repository management, etc. Sometimes it won’t focus on those things at all and might instead focus on embroidery or cooking or something else. It’ll be archival…ish. Hopefully I won’t get too many things wrong.